Saturday, 1 October 2016

Gelli Print Thank You :D

A simple one-layer Gelli print thank you card using acrylic paints for the print and Pebeo Mixtion Relief and Mirror effect Silver Foil for accents :D I'm also including a detailed step by step on how I created this card :D :D

Step One: Get all your supplies together, you will need a Gelli plate, two shades of pink acrylic paints, white acrylic paint and a metallic silver acrylic paint. A set of alphabet dies, a cellophane bag, a swirly stencil, a paint brush, a tube of Pebeo Mixtion Relief, a pack of Pebeo mirror effect silver foil, a clear sparkle pen and some star sequins :D (I think that's everything :D I fell like I should add, and a cuddly toy lol)

Step Two: Die-cut the letters THANK YOU from your cellophane bag using whatever chunky alphabet dies you have, you will need these later :D

Step Three: Brayer a small amount of your darker shade of pink onto your Gelli plate, and use some bubble wrap to add a texture, then use some scrunched up scrap paper to remove more of the paint from the centre section (also when doing this bear in mind the size of card you're aiming to make so you know how much to remove), then let this dry, it will only take a few minutes :D

Step Four: Brayer a small amount of your lighter shade of pink over the top of your first layer, then while the paint is still wet place your cellophane letters BACKWARDS (remember you'll get a mirror image when you pull the print!!) to spell out your sentiment... TOP TIP: start with the middle letter if you want to get your spacing even :D Again while the paint is still wet, place over the top a swirly stencil, and use a piece of printer paper to press over the top and remove some of the paint from the Gelli plate :D Remove the stencil, and then let this layer dry (Whilst it's drying you can clean your stencil! I don't like my stencils to have dry acrylic paint on them, so I try to clean them as soon as possible! :D)

Step Five:  Once the previous layer is dry, add a mix of silver and white acrylic paint, add about twice the amount you did for the previous two layers (but don't add quite as much as I did in the video, that was a bit tooo much lol :D). Then brayer this over the plate. While this layer is still wet place your card over the top, the idea behind using this wet paint is to reinvigorate the layers beneath and enable you to pull a multiple layer print in one go (because I had used too much white paint, I decided that the second print I pulled was what I was looking for, as the first layer had too much white paint). Then leave however many prints you've pulled off to dry (it dries really quickly, and I've found I can usually get two usable prints, and then a third print could be the start of another background :D)

Step Six: Clean your Gelli plate, I tend to spray mine with some water and wipe of the worst of the paint with a paper towel, then I use a baby wipe too :D

Step Seven: To create the speckles of foil in the background, I squeezed out a tiny bit of the Mixtion Relief and added a little splash of water, I then used a paint brush to create tiny flicks of this watered down medium (you only want to add a tiny bit of water otherwise it may not work as intended) then let this dry. Becuase this was a small amount it only took about 10 mins. Then apply your foil (shiney side up) onto the adhesive and voila you have tiny foiled splashes!! I really love this effect, I'm going to have to remember this!! :D (I cut a small piece of foil to use, but you can just use a full sheet, as you can keep re-using it multiple times in different places)

Step Eight: Outlining the sentiment, the main reason I used the cellophane letters was to give a suggestion of the words as I knew I wanted to add a foil outline. So to do this you can simply trace around the edge with the Mixtion Relief (TOP TIP: if you press really lightly you get a nice fine bead of adhesive, but if you don't have this you could probably just use a glue pen, and then later when its dry use gilding flakes instead of this foil or try the foil with the glue pen, I reckon either would work :D) . Because this was a thicker application of the medium it did need almost an hour to become clear and dry enough for the foil to be added, once it was dry enough I just pressed the foil on (shiny side up) as before :D It really does give a fantastic shine!! :D

Step Nine: My final finshing touch was the addition of some subtle glitter using a clear glitter pen, and I added this to the inside of all the letters. I also added a few silver star sequins to tie in with the silver foil accents :D

I hope you liked the card, and I hope the person who these instructions are intended for gets her Gelli plate out and has a go at pulling her own multi-layer Gelli print, you know who you are lol :D

To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

More photos below :D