Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Nuvo Mousse on the Gelli Plate :D

A pair of thank you cards using the Nuvo Embellishment Mousse on the Gelli plate!! As well as through a stencil (made from the intricate lattice insert from the Kings Cross Case die set (765E) from Tonic) and just blended straight onto the card using my finger too (just as you would with gilding wax) :D I'd been itching to try this embellishment mousse, especially after I had the idea to see if they'd work on the Gelli plate with a brayer, so I decided to buy a couple of colours to give it a go, and I thought these two (Aquamarine and Spring Green) looked gorgeous :D

So as I said above the 'stencil' I'm using on the Gelli plate is made from a Tonic die set and I was using a combination of Aquamarine (807N) and Spring Green (808N) Nuvo Embellishment Mousse along with Avocado Artiste Acrylic paint to add a little bit of vibrancy :D And the mix I added through the punchanella was the acrylic paint with a little bit of sparkly Cosmic Shimmer glitter paste :D And you can see my process of creating the backgrounds in the YouTube video below :D TOP TIP: scoop out a pile of mousse and squish it onto your glass mat, then dip your palette knife into some clean water and add some to the paste to make its consistency more slack, more like an acrylic paint, this will ensure that you'll be able to apply it to your Gelli plate with your brayer more easily :D

I decided for both cards to stick white die-cuts over the background so that most of it is still visible :D For one card I used the smaller intricate lattice die and outside rectangle die again from the Kings Cross Case die set (765E), and for the other card I used the larger lattice die (765E) and teamed this up with the scalloped edge and straight edge circle and square layering dies (1452E, 1453E, 1454E, 1455E) also from Tonic Studios to create multiple frames :D And then I stuck part of the lattice behind some frames, and a piece of vellum behind others, then I layered them up on top of one another either using wet glue or thin strips of 3D foam :D For the sentiment on both cards, I added a strip of vellum, with a small piece of card behind (again blended with the embellishment mousse) to give the word a place to sit, I then used the Lawn Fawn scripty Thanks die and again blended this with the mousse in the opposite colour to that of the strip of card behind the vellum :D The final finishing touch was then the addition of some Gloss White Nuvo Crystal Drops which I had created earlier, I just had to buy the white version, as I knew it would come int so handy!! :D  (however I also showed how I made some more to replace these in the video :D) Hope you liked the cards :D I sent the card in the photo above to Tonic Studios to say thank you for the dies and pens they sent me, some of which I used on the card :D I hope they liked it too :D

To see the process behind this pair of Gelli print cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D 

To see more cards I've made using products from Tonic Studios, please check out my Playlist below :D 

Tonnes and tonnes more photos below :D


  1. WOW! Stunning cards, I love the way you've used the new embellishment mousse Christine :) I've just ordered 3 of the colours earlier this week and waiting for them to arrive, will be dusting my gelli plate off! Thanks for another fab demo! Debs x

  2. Thanks Debs!! :D Thank you, I couldn't help but buy some after I thought of the idea lol :D Did you get them from Create & Craft? I saw them on there the other day, I loved the sets of colours they'd put together, which one did you go for? :D hehehe, I'm glad I gave you an excuse to get your Gelli plate out again! :D You're welcome!! I'm so glad everyone's enjoying them :D Christine xxx

  3. Nope got them from Seven Hills Crafts, they just started stocking them :O) I'm wishing I'd got the aquamarine and lilac lavender now, but have stuck them on my xmas list, is it wrong that this years xmas list is made up entirely of stash for crafting? Off to watch your latest videos! Debs xxx

    1. Ah, I saw that they've just started stocking the Nuvo range :D I had a hard time choosing only two colours, they're all so lovely :D Hahahaha, no of course not, mines consisted of just crafting supplies for like the last ten years lol :D Thanks, hope you enjoy them :D Christine xxx

  4. Fantastic video! Fabulous cards! Thanks so much for sharing the products you used. I am just a beginner and I appreciate seeing which products produce various effects. Plus you are definitely someone who thinks outside the box! I loved how you used the die cut cross-hatch for a stencil! I'll be watching this video again!


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