Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween 2016 :D

My last Halloween card for this year, this is very similar to one of my previous cards 'Champagne Congrats' but as soon as I had made that card, I knew I just had to do a Halloween version :D I used the Spellbinders die set Pop, Fizz, Clink to create my apertures for the poison bottles, a Heidi Swapp die for the 'happy' and a Hampton Arts stamp set for the word 'Halloween' :D

To prepare my 'wells' for the Mixed Media Fantasy paints to sit in, first I cut the bottle three times from my main panel, then I put this aside to use later once all the paint has dried... I then used some smaller scraps of card to die cut 6 more apertures of the bottles, and I stuck these together so I had 3 stacks of 2 die-cuts :D I then covered a smaller piece of card in glue (this helps create more of a non-porous surface than just the card, and this just means you won't need to add quite so much Vitrail paint to get the cool moon effects, and it means it won't bleed through the card too much either!!) and then adhered all three of my apertures to this and let it dry... You can then have fun applying your paints! But remember if you do add all three Vitrail, Moon and Prisme together and mix them rather than keeping them separately the effects do sort of cancel each other out (well this is the experience I've had :D)All the colours of paint I used for this card are listed below the photo further down :D

To create a glass like look for these bottles, I did some mixing before adding the paint to the aperture, I mixed Parma Violet Vitrail, some Lightening Medium and also some Glitter Medium too to kind of give the illusion of bubbles :D I then added some Silver Moon on top, but for this card I decided not to add any Prisme to the bottles so I would get the full effect of the moon, which works perfectly for Halloween as it kinda looks a little like cob webs on the outside of the bottle :D Don't forget, with these paints you need to let them dry on a horizontal surface for at least 24 hours for the top surface to dry (this is the point that I then finished the card) and then leave for a further week (just to be on the safe side) so that the layers of paint properly cure :D To finish off the top of the bottles I also die-cut some self-adhesive cork using the same bottle die as I did for the apertures, then I added my sentiment where I had also applied some of the Onyx Prisme to the word 'Happy' :D Hope you like the card, I'm really pleased with it because it came out exactly as I had imagined in my head :D :D :D 

To see the process behind this spooky Halloween card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

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The Pebeo paints I used on this card from left to right: Vitrail Glitter Medium, Vitrail Lightening Medium, Vitrail Parma Violet, Moon Silver and Prisme Onyx :D

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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Eye Wish You a Spooky Birthday :D

Another Halloween inspired card this time using the Festive Fun stamp set from issue 34 of Creative Stamping which came out a couple of months ago :D And I'm using the jar stamp again lol, it's the first jar stamp I've had and I keep thinking up more ideas :D So this time I've done a shaker jar full of Googley eyes :D :D :D This card is a really simple kind of shaker card as there's no fiddly areas to add foam tape too, instead you're popping up the whole panel :D

First I die-cut my stitched rectangle (MFT Blueprints 13) Then I stamped the jar, and added in a line with a black pen to act as a table :D I then used a pair of sharp scissors (I find #tonicstudios scissors are fantastic because they have a really nice sharp point to them) to first roughly cut, and then neatly cut out the interior of the jar :D I also coloured in the lid of the jar and added some wood grain effect using Promarkers, I used the Cool Greys for the lid and also Cocoa, Walnut and Burnt Sienna for the wood effect :D As googley eyes are quite chunky in profile, I needed to add extra depth to the shaker well, I tried just doubling the foam tape first, but in the end I had to triple it up as the biggest eye wouldn't shake around, so I added triple foam all around the back of the aperture and the whole panel (the great thing is when using googley eyes is that they are quite a reasonable size, so you don't need to worry about small gaps between your foam tape!!)

So I got to this point in the card, and then I was sitting there like 'hmmm what sentiment shall I use? I just had the idea for the shaker, I didn't really think that far ahead' lol I knew I wanted to switch the word 'I' for 'Eye' to make it punny, and then I was looking through my Lawn Fawn Scripty Word dies and found 'Wishes' and then I thought 'I've changed 'thanks' into 'thank' before so therefore it would work if I cut the 'es' off of 'wishes' so I had the word 'wish' so now I had 'Eye Wish' then I thought I might as well make it a birthday card, and a jar of eyes is quite spooky, so then I added all that together and came up with 'Eye Wish You a Spooky Birthday' :D Just thought I'd write out my thought process, not sure if anyone would be interested, but its how I make up my punny sentiments or how I go about mixing and matching sentiments to create my own custom ones :D Anyway back to the card... I used the label stamp from the Festive Fun stamp set, along with my Claire's ABC Lawn Fawn alphabet stamps to create most of the sentiment, and used the Lawn Fawn Scripty Wishes turned into Wish, and to make this lovely and sparkly, I added some onxy sparkle pen :D The finishing touch was then a few googley eyes outside of the jar :D Hope you like the card :D :D :D

To see the process behind this spooky googley eye shaker card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Have a Batty Birthday :D

Another punny Halloween sentiment pair of cards, using the kitchen roll which I used to clean up the colorburst and pixie powder excess from the 'May Your Birthday Sparkle' cards I made a little while back :D I love the way the kitchen roll had dried because it looked like tie dye :D This card is a quick and easy card to make and also utilises what is potentially rubbish (the kitchen roll used to clean up from another card :D) When you glue down kitchen roll or tissue paper, which is basically see through anyway, the addition of a wet medium will enable you to see the surface underneath, therefore I decided to stamp my bats (this is a Hampton Arts stamp set which my mum had recently brought, and I pinched it off her to make this card :D) onto my piece of card before applying the matt medium and kitchen roll :D It is good to do it this way around as you'll get a crisper stamped image as you're stamping on smooth card rather than bumpy wrinkled kitchen roll :D

Once the matt medium had dried (I left it over night just to make sure it was completely dry) I then used my favourite stitched rectangle die (MFT Blueprints 13) to die-cut my card front panels. I knew I wanted to go with the punny Halloween sentiment of 'Have a Batty Birthday' so I found stamps that would create my sentiment, and used a large alphabet for the focal 'Batty' word. I also decided as the surface is lumpy and bumpy, like I said before, that I would stamp the sentiment on separate pieces and add them on... and because the word 'Batty' is quite large and would cover a lot of the design I decided to stamp this on vellum and cut around the edge :D The final finishing touches were then some Onyx Black Sparkle Pen and a few bat sequins :D Hope you like the card :D

To see the process behind this pair of cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D 

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Friday, 28 October 2016

No Tricks Just Treats :D

A fun trick or treat inspired card using the Home for Christmas embossing folder and stamp set which came free with issue 154 of Simply Cards and Papercraft :D I think you can also buy the door embossing folder and the stamps separately now from as part of their Apple Blossom Welcome Home collection :D I also created a really cool looking Spiders web using the Silver Moonlight Nuvo Glitter drops by #tonicstudios :D This looks so cool because it dries clear with silver sparkle so you can see the purple of the door through it and it makes it look even more like a Spiders web twinkling in the moonlight :D I really LOVE the way this Spiders web came out, I did also try drawing the same web in the Nuvo drops, but onto a non-stick surface so that I could in theory peel it off and stick it on top, however when the Nuvo drops dry they are quite brittle, so this didn't work, but I really wanted the effect so I just went for it and drew the web straight onto my card, and thankfully it looks brill :D :D :D

The overall concept of this card including the brick background and the style of the door is heavily based on a previous card I made called 'Christmas Wishes' but I've given it a spooky Halloween theme :D And this time I started with a light grey card (Pale Grey Foundations Card) for my brick embossing, and then I ink blended some Hickory Smoke, Black Soot and a touch of Wilted Violet Distress Ink over the top to add some depth :D For the door I used some purple card (Amethyst Foundations Card) and ink blended it with some Wilted Violet, and for the door frame I used some dark grey (Gunmetal Foundations) card :D The idea in my head for this card had three pumpkins around the front door to add some interest and a pop of colour, however I don't have any pumpkin stamps, so I drew three from the top of my head lol their expressions aren't that great but I think they go nicely with the feel of the card (if you don't like drawing your own elements you can easily find images of pumpkins on the internet and then you can colour them to go with your card :D)

I also added a little plaque for the door number, number 31 of course as its Halloween themed :D To begin with I wasn't sure how to incorporate my sentiment 'No Tricks Just Treats' but in the end I settled with creating my own little sign post to tuck in behind the pumpkins :D The final finishing touches were then obviously adding the Spiders web (it's best to do this as one of the last steps, and preferably before you go to sleep, then you can leave it to dry overnight :D) and also some bat and spider sequins :D AND... the great thing about using the Nuvo drops to make the web is that its basically a glitter GLUE so you can just place the sequins on while the glues still wet and they will stick firmly :D Hope you liked the card, this was meant to be tomorrows card, but I finished it this afternoon, and loved it so much that I had to share it today :D :D :D

To see the process behind this spooky tick or treat card please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

If you'd like to see my other 'Halloween' themed/inspired cards please have a look a my Playlist which I've linked below :D 

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Best Witches :D

A trio of best witches cards, I love these punny sentiments, so I based these cards around the 'Best Witches' sentiment :D I used Distress Inks with the Gelli plate to create my main background, then I added some additional stamping, doodling and spooky Halloween sequins :D

For my Gelli prints, I used Dusty Concord, Seedless Preserves, Black Soot and Chipped Sapphire :D There's only footage of one background in the video unfortunately as I thought I'd pressed record and I hadn't lol, well anyway I've done pretty well considering how many videos I've made and that was the first time I've forgotten to press it lol :D I used a Heidi Swapp Lattice stencil, some scrunched up paper and some Tim Holtz masks to create my background, and then I used a few Tim Holtz stamp sets to add extra interest :D For the 'Witches' part of the sentiment I used the upper case alphabet die by Apple Blossom and then I used my DYMO for the 'best' :D Hope you liked the cards! I'm classing all the cards from yesterday through to 31st October as my Halloween cards, however as no one really sends Halloween cards in the UK I'm changing all the sentiments to be more useful for other occasions :D

To see the process behind this trio of best witches cards, please watch my YouTube video below or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Happy Birthday Pumpkin :D

My last 'baking' themed card today as its the final of Bake Off on telly tonight!! It's not a true baking themed card, but I thought it fitted with the season, and pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin pie are popular at this time of year :D It's also my first 'Halloween' themed card too :D However we don't really celebrate Halloween much in the UK, so I'm making most of them other sentiments, but there will be an actual Halloween card on Halloween :D :D I thought then that these would work well for people who have their Birthday on or around Halloween :D

I knew I wanted to use the sentiment 'Happy Birthday Pumpkin' so I based the whole card around that :D I remembered that mum and I had gotten these Tim Holtz Masks cheap ages ago, so I just had to use the pumpkin one on this card :D I ink blended a mix of Carved Pumpkin (how fitting lol) and Spiced Marmalade onto a piece of white card, and then I stuck the mask over the top, I then ink blended some Black Soot Distress Ink over the top to make the Pumpkin pop out :D I decided to go back in an added some further detail with some Promarkers, I used Gold, Pumpkin (again how fitting lol), Mandarin, Bright Green, Forest Green and Cool Grey 4 :D For the aperture of my shaker I knew I wanted a circular shape, but felt like I always end up using a plain or stitched circle, so I went for a Spellbinders cog die, but I just used the aperture :D Then for the shaker elements I simply used some pumpkin sequins, I think these were probably table confetti from a Supermarket, but I've had them for ages, and I think this is the first time I've actually used them lol :D Hope you liked the card, there will be more 'Halloween' themed cards from today until Halloween itself :D

To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

I decided that while The Great British Bake Off was on telly I would upload a baking themed card every Wednesday in honour of it, today is the final, so this is the last video to be added to my Baking Themed Cards Playlist, which I have linked below :D

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Totally Teal Flowers :D

Using a Christmas free gift as the basis for a Birthday card :D For this card, I used the Nativity Scene Panel Die (well the outside of it) and the embossing folder from issue 16 of Die-Cutting Essentials along with the Intricate Native Flowers dies from Sizzix :D I used the embossing folder and die to create a frame, I first die-cut the rectangle from a piece of Cornflower Foundations card, then I lined up the aperture in the embossing folder so that the border would emboss nicely around the die-cut rectangle (it's best to do it this way round so you don't squash your embossing when die-cutting the aperture) :D I then used some teal Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Wax to add some pearlesence to the frame (this colour of gilding wax works perfectly with the Cornflower cardstock :D)

For all the flowers and leaves I used a mixture of Cornflower and Aqua Foundations cardstock, and also some white patterned vellum and some aqua vellum which I actually got in Paperchase, they were massive A2 sheets and they were selling them off at 50p!!! Crazy cheap price lol and it's a decent weight too, more like parchment!! :D I then arranged my flowers and leaves inside the frame, overlapping the edges to make them look as though they're peeking out :D and to finish it off, I added a Happy Birthday sentiment! I love it when you get a free gift like this one, because its sooo versatile and can literally be turned into any occasion when you utilise this gorgeous frame :D If you got this magazine, don't forget to check out page 72, where you'll see some of my cards :D :D :D Sooooooo exciting!!!!!

To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

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