Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Butterfly Cards :D

 These are all pretty similar and are made by the same process. I usually make a load of backgrounds on a day when I can't think of many ideas, also its good to do them all at once because spray inks are a bit messy, so i use a washing up bowl and cut my card to A5 size, and it means you only have to wash the bowl out once if you do them all in one go :D also an A5 piece is perfect to make a whole card, and A6 piece for the back ground, stamp the butterfly and use the left over as the pennant for the sentiment :D oh and I also spray one A5 piece then sandwich another on top so you actually get 2 card worth out of one lot of ink spray. Once the backgrounds are dry I do a bit of ghosting or extra spraying with a stencil and then add texture with various stamps, i think this batch was mainly Tim Holtz stamps, but previous versions similar to these I used the PM hamstead heath stamps and some basic spots and stars :D

Monday, 22 September 2014

Woodland Themed Cake

A two-tiered wonky double chocolate cake with a woodland theme... for my Nans 80th Birthday :D I had great fun decorating this cake, I seem to be slightly obsessed with toadstools at the moment... I made them out of fondant icing and I even made a couple of them so that the candle was hidden inside :D The main brown icing was a lot less stressful than usual, as I wanted it to look imperfect and have a bark like texture :D The finishing touches were then chocolate raisins, nuts and smarties stuck on with chocolate icing and then for the soil I used crumbled up bourbons :D I loved making this so much!