Saturday, 26 November 2016

Fabulous Flamingos :D

A quartet of fabulous flamingo cards suitable for a few different occasions :D For these cards I used the Flamingo die (which came free with a past issue of Papercraft Essentials, issue 132) and I created a stamp from it using funky foam :D I also used a Flamingo stamp which came free in the Here Comes Summer stamp set from a past issue of Creative Stamping, I used the stamp as one of the flamingos, and then I also used it as a guide for adding outlines to the other flamingos too :D The legs on the flamingos are faaaarrr from perfect, but they give you the suggestion which is the main point :D And some of the outlining around the eyes of the flamingos gives them quite a grumpy look lol, but I think that adds to their character :D Although they're not perfect, I really do love the way these turned out, and this card design was actually inspired by a t-shirt I brought from Bon Marche :D I'll put a picture in further down :D

Initially for the stamping of the custom stamp flamingos, I used Spun Sugar Distress Ink, and for one of the cards I also experimented with adding in a little Abandoned Coral Distress Ink too :D For all the colouring I used a mixture of different brands of Alcohol markers, I used the Pink pack and the darkest Red from the Nuvo Creative pens line, I used a Vermillion FlexMarker, and I used Salmon, Magenta, Cool Grey 4 and Cool Grey 5 from my Promarkers, it just shows that they work together perfectly :D :D :D For the water at the bottom I used a couple of colours from the 36 pan set of the Gansai Tambi watercolours :D The sentiments came either from the Here Comes Summer stamp set or from a little Forever Friends stamp set that came free on an issue of Creativity Magazine ages ago :D Finally the silver foiling was done using the Pebeo Mixtion Relief Paste (which you do need to let dry before you add the foil!!, I left mine for about an hour :D) and the Pebeo silver mirror effect foil too, which gives a fantastic shine, but if you wanted more of a brushed metal look, gilding flakes would be perfect too :D Hope you liked the cards :D

To see the process behind this quartet of flamingo cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Tonnes more photos below showing all the different versions :D 

The inspiration of these cards :D Now I look back at what inspired me, they're not very similar, but that's the thing about inspiration it just sparks an idea in your head and then your brain runs away with it and makes it its own :D :D :D