Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Magical Textured Cards with Paper Panda Dies :D


I was really lucky to get sent a few of the stunning new paper cut dies from the brand new Paper Panda die release from Creative Expressions :D And I had great fun teaming them up with some of Sam Poole's Antique Sand Pastes and Botanical Stains as well :D 

The Botanical stains are kind of like a dilute version of a Distress Re-inker, so they're ready to go for creating your inky backgrounds :D And they have nice subtle colours because they're based on natural dyes from flowers and vegetables :D And her Sand Pastes come in a selection of 8 colours and dry with a fantastic sandy finish :D

Main products used :D

To see the process behind this pair of Paper Panda cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Lots more photos below :D

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Tonic Magnetic Crafter's Platform :D

The brand new magnetic Crafter’s Platform from Tonic Studios is a great tool for any crafter :D Below are a few ways that I’ve been using it either just with the 2 (very strong) magnets provided, or with an extra set of magnets too to really hold my project in place :D I’ve also done one of my Up Close videos giving you an in-depth look at the platform too, over on my CRaFTiPoTeNTiAl channel or embedded below :D 

A few ways to use your Magnetic Platform :D

Perfect for ink blending a panel of card, place the card at whatever angle you would usually have your card when ink blending, but use the magnets in place of your other hand to hold the card in place…

 ...then when you come to blending the other side of the card, the magnets will prevent any finger prints on the area you’ve already inked! I’ve just use one colour for the demos but imagine how easy a rainbow background would be if you didn’t have to keep correcting areas that have finger prints where you were holding the card steady :D 

Ink blending through a stencil is also a doddle when you don’t have to apply pressure with your non dominant hand to hold the stencil in place. Whether you like to use Blending Daubers or…

…using an ink blending brush, you can now ink blend one handed, using either just the 2 magnets provided or using extra magnets to completely secure your project. 

Ink sprays, who hates getting Sparkle Sprays or Mica Mists all over your hands while crafting, you can easily use the magnets to hold your stencil in place, that way you can keep your other hand clean :D And you can easily wipe the ink off of your magnets with a piece of kitchen roll :D 

Do you like to colour your die-cuts with alcohol pens? I definitely do :D Now you can easily hold them in place with the magnets as you colour, rather than chasing them around your desk getting pen everywhere lol… 

… but how do you clean up the alcohol pen? Nuvo Cleaning Solution :D Depending on the colour of pen you’ve used, you might see a slight shadow of colour left on your mat, but it’ll get the majority off and won’t affect the grid markings on your platform :D 

What about 3D mediums? Well you can definitely use the magnets (I would recommend more than 2) to hold your stencil in place while you use your spatula to scrape 3D mediums like Nuvo Mousses or Glimmer Paste through your stencils :D 

Giving you crisp results like this :D

As well as all the uses I’ve shown you above, I’m sure there are plenty more too, including creating inky Nuvo backgrounds using the wrinkle free technique or smooshing method, a surface for pre-making your Nuvo drops or even just to hold your work down as you’re crafting on your knee :D There are just so many ways you can use this fab new tool from Tonic and I’m sure you’ll think of many more :D Christine xxx 

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Sunday, 28 March 2021

Fungi and Fairy Cards with Tonic's Stamp Club #7 :D


This month's Stamp Club contains some adorable Fairy designs along with a lovely Toadstool stamp too and I just couldn't resist playing with some of the punny sentiments in the set and adding lots of elements to my cards that I could use the BRAND NEW Nuvo Alcohol Pens to colour :D And of course I had to sneak in some Nuvo Mousse and Nuvo drops too :D :D :D

Main products used :D

To see the process behind this trio of fungi and fairy cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Lots more photos below :D

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Brand New Tonic Nuvo Alcohol Marker Pens :D

Above is the full collection of colours in the NEW Nuvo Pen Range (showing you my colour swatch order as I know a few of you will ask :D) :D And here is my Up Close video looking at the pens, comparing them to other pens on the market and to the old pens, plus giving you an in depth look at the different colours within the 24 and 12 pen sets as well as a comparison to the original Nuvo Alcohol Pen colours :D In the video I state that you can also get them in 3 pen sets and individually, however I couldn't see them on the website, so I think maybe they'll be launching later? Or they might have changed their mind :/ xxx

Main products featured

Here's how they compare to the original Nuvo Alcohol Pen Colours :D 

Below shows you the colours from the 24 Essential Collection Pen set, as well as the two 12 pen sets that it's split into, Perfect Pastels and Principle Collection :D

Below shows you the colours from the 24 Midtone Collection Pen set, as well as the two 12 pen sets that it's split into, Hair and Skin Tones and Muted Midtones :D

Below shows you the colours from the 24 Bright and Dark Collection Pen set, as well as the two 12 pen sets that it's split into, Shaded Accents and Radiant and Bold :D

Friday, 26 March 2021

Tonic Stamp Club #7 - I Love You Fairy Much :D

Here's my Up Close video looking at Tonic Stamp Club #7 which is all themed around fairies, florals and fungi :D It's called I Love You Fairy Much and has coordinating dies for almost every image stamp as well as extra dies, word dies and lots of punny and versatile sentiment stamps too :D 

Main products featured :D