Thursday, 25 August 2016

Woodland Winter Merry and Bright :D

For this card, I used the lovely Woodland Winter stamp and embossing folder set from Papercraft Essentials issue 137, and I used my Gelli plate to create a reversed image so I could have two deer facing each other on my card :D

I started off by planning where on the card I wanted my two deer to go, and then I stamped the actual stamp onto the right hand side of the card panel.. to get a reversed deer, I inked up the deer stamp (but not the antlers) and I stamped this onto my Gelli plate (this works really well for transferring a reverse image, however, I now have a deer on my Gelli plate lol) I could then turn my Gelli over and place the second deer where I wanted it on the card :D As you will be able to see in the video, the transfer image isn't perfect, however this is easily fixed with a fine black pen :D I wanted to extend the antlers on the left hand deer (hence why I didn't stamp them for the reverse image) so I sketched out how I wanted them to look (using the original antlers as a guide) in pencil first, and then went over in pen... TOP TIP: I went a little bit a skew when I was tracing over my antlers and some of the rest of the deer, so I used this to my advantage and gave both deer this effect by going over more of the stamped image :D

The reason why I wanted to extend the antlers, was so that one looked male and one looked female (hence the addition of eye lashes on the right deer) and I also wanted one of them to have baubles hanging off their antlers, I thought the little bauble stamps in this set looked so cute! and I loved the inspiration on the back of the packaging having them hanging from a word, so I thought why not have them hanging from the antlers :D and again I made the strings holding them on look a bit sketchy too to tie in with the rest of the stamping :D another TOP TIP: when making a mask for your reversed deer (so you can stamp the baubles), stamp on the sticky side of a post-it, then when you stick it down it'll be the other way round :D (You can see what I mean in the video) :D

For the colouring I used my Promarkers as usual: Caramel, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Walnut, Henna, Gold, Pumpkin, Cool Aqua, Warm Grey 1, Red, Crimson, Forest, Pine, Dusky Pink, Normal Blender and the Brush Blender :D In the background, I wanted a diffused falling snow look, so to achieve this I used the Brush Blender pen, Warm Grey 1 and Cool Aqua... first I drew a circle of blender (bigger than I wanted the snow dot) then I added either a small circle of Warm Grey 1 or Cool Aqua (adding the blender down first helps the ink to have a diffused edge, and you can always add a bit more blender over the top too to give a more subtle effect :D) I used a similar technique to this for the snowy hills, but used lines rather than dots :D The final finishing touches were then the sentiment, also from the stamp set (LOVE the 3 big scripty words in this set!! my two previous cards I've posted both used the Merry :D) and some Spectrum Noir clear sparkle pen :D Hope you like the card :D

To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D 

A few more photos below :D