Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bright Autumn Leaves :D

This card is very similar to the previous card I posted today, however it doesn't use the Gelli plate, but I still used the Autumn Leaves die and embossing folder set from issue 14 of Die-cutting Essentials :D I thought I would show a different version of the 'same' card for anyone who doesn't have a Gelli plate but liked my card :D And I did it by creating my own custom stamp out of funky foam, but actually it would have worked nicely cutting the leaves out of papers and just layering them, but I liked the flat finish to this card :D

I used Twisted Citron, Peacock Feathers and Blueprint Sketch for one card, and Wilted Violet, Picked Raspberry and Candied Apple for the other :D These were extremely simple to create, and both of these together took me less than half an hour, so a pretty quick card for me too :D So I started with my lightest colour and stamped a few leaves with my custom stamp, I then moved to the next colour and did the same and so on... and each time I stamped I tried to balance that colour across the card! I felt that the stitching detail was a little too prominent, so to fix this, I used a paintbrush and some water and just carefully pulled the colour out (I also added a little extra colour in some places too by squishing my ink pad onto my glass mat and picking it up with the brush)... Once everything was dry I used some dry wall tape to add a texture, for the blue version I used Peacock Feathers and for the pink version I used Wilted Violet, and I just swiped the pad across the dry wall tape, then flipped it over and printed it onto the card :D The final finishing touches were then a few black splashes and the sentiment stamped in black :D you could also add some sequins or a little bit of shimmer too, but I was emulating the previous card, so I left it plain and simple :D Hope you like the alternative card :D 

To see the process behind these two card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Lots more photos below showing some of the finer details, and different angles :D