Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Gingerbread Man Spinner Card :D

Another baking themed card in honour of Bake Off being on again tonight, I used the Gingerbread Man die set from Apple Blossom to create this sweet spinning card :D For my sentiment I combined two Lawn Fawn stamp sets, Baked With Love and Smiles :D and I also used some Docrafts Christmas Bellissima A5 patterned paper :D

You can see in the video below how I was arranging the dies to cut out all the pieces of card and paper to hide all the workings... You will need to cut 4 gingerbread men for this card, I used Kraft card as it looks perfect for ginger biscuit dough :D the reason you need four, is 1. so that the embellishment is nice and thick, it looks more like a gingerbread man that way, 2. so that its sturdy and has enough weight to make it spin nicely and 3. because it makes the process easier!! So to get a super bond of the clear thread between the middle two gingerbread men, I used a combination of super sticky red liner tape and cosmic shimmer glue, I then placed this into a folded piece of paper and ran this through with the cutting sandwich using my Cuttlebug, this ensures that the clear thread is strongly held in place and that both die-cuts are glued together nicely. Doing it this way makes it easier as you can get a lot of pressure on the spinner element without squashing your decorated gingerbread man!! You then need to decorate your two gingerbread men, I used the wiggly icing dies in the set, and the bow tie, and then used some heart dies for the 'buttons' as I knew the word love would feature in my sentiment :D I used a black glaze pen for the eyes and a fine black pen for the mouth. I also used a white gel pen to trace around the outside groove to give him an outline of white icing :D I left these to one side to completely dry while I assembled the spinner :D

Spinner Assembly: take your spinner element and attach it using sticky tape across the aperture in your card blank (to make sure that this spinner doesn't become to saggy over time (as mine always do) I thought of a new trick!) take the top end of the clear thread and wrap this multiple times around the top sliver of the card blank (this might make a little more sense in the video) and secure this with more tape. Then pull the bottom end of the clear thread taught and do the same thing, the action of wrapping this round multiple times stops the thread from being able to pull out of the tape or glue you have used (as this is usually what makes a spinner card saggy) and the great thing about using clear thread is that you can't tell that you've done this, and the gingerbread man looks as though he's floating in mid-air :D You can then attach the white panel to the front and the patterned paper panel to the inside to hide the workings of the card, I also added an extra piece of patterned paper to the inside of the card to finish it off :D Hope you like the card!!

To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

A few more photos below and don't forget, please do leave any questions in the comments :D

I'm entering this card into the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge :D