Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tonic Nuvo Drops Bumblebees :D

A fun alternative to the Ladybird Nuvo drops I've seen demonstrated by Jodie and Alison from Tonic :D After seeing both their demos I started thinking what other critters would work, and of course it had to be a Bumblebee :D So I brought all the colours to create them :D English Mustard, Ebony Black and White Blizzard for the wings :D Okay, so technically I'm cheating as today's card isn't Christmassy and I said I was going to do a Christmas card everyday of December until Christmas, however I had this idea of making Bumblebees from Nuvo drops and I just had to share it now lol :D 

For the background of this card, I used a similar technique of basically throwing every Nuvo product at my card, as I did in the Nuvo Embellished Cascading Butterflies card I did a while ago :D  And these are the Tonic products I used :D

Tonic products used: Radiant Gold Gilding Flakes (850N), Gold Pure Sheen Glitter (703N), Ebony Black Gloss Nuvo Drops (650N), English Mustard Gloss Nuvo Drops (685N), Limoncello Tanslucent Jewel Drops (644N) and White Blizzard Glitter Drops (758N) :D And then for the frame I also used their Scalloped Squares and Plain Squares Layering Dies (482E and 480E) 

I also used the Xcut die set called Bee Keeping for the hexagonal lattice, however there are lots of dies similar to this on the market, and any of them would work :D In the video, I tried to film from a different camera angle (its pretty rubbish and wonky lol) but I wanted to show more clearly how to make the Bumblebees, so I filmed one from above, and three from the side, I hope it makes it clearer :) Of course I had to then use a Punny sentiment, and as I usually tend to plump for Bee Happy, I thought I would go from Ha-Bee Birthday instead :D (But if you added a Christmassy element you could even make it Ha-Bee Christmas too :D) I added some clear sparkle pen to the top layer of the hexagonal lattice, and also some black sparkle pen to the frame (made using the Tonic layering dies) and for the finishing touches I added in some Bumblebee trails using a fine black pen :D Hope you liked the card :D 

To see the process behind this card, and to see how I made the Bumblebees, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

If you'd like to see more cards I've made using fabulous Tonic products, please check out my Playlist :D 

Loads more photos below :D

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