Friday, 24 March 2017

The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon :D

I thought I'd make a blog post for these cards, just becuase I'd taken so many photos lol, but these cards don't really need any written explanation as they're just really simple kit card type cards :D Mum brought this Mollie Makes Crafternoon mag so she could make the pom pom emoji in the foreground of the photo above, and the mag came with some free papers, so I thought I'd use them to make a quick video in honour of Comic Relief being on telly tonight :D

Here's the link to the video :D

Loads more photos of the two quick cards I made below :D 

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  1. Brilliant cards, appeals to my inner gardener :) I had now idea there was a crafternoon, wish I had some local crafting friends so I could do this! Hugs - Debs x


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