Sunday, 25 May 2014


3D cardboard letters decorated for my mum for Mother's day... they were slightly late, but at least I finished them :D

I started off by drawing, in pencil, outlines of patches, I then used 2 tester pots from Wickes to paint it, it was Fushia and lime green (just like my CS) but I did add a bit of white acrylic in to tone them down slightly... It needed a couple of coats to give a good colour. I then used some of the docrafts tissue paper with music and script on to add detail, I also used the matt varnish to stick this on as I didn't want a shiny finish! it works really well as a glue :) and then I added a few partially stamped images in pink and green too and varnished the whole thing:) Then I used some docrafts bloomers, some tatty teddy springtime papers to make flowers and I used my favorite little butterfly again as it was the perfect size :D I used some docrafts glimmer dots in the middle of some flowers, I'd had them for ages, from a goody bag and didn't realize how amazing they look!! I also added some odd buttons and gems... and then the micro-beads which were from a nail art set from poundland, I did this by doubling over a piece of double sided and using a hole punch to get a circle and then stuck it on, pulled the backing off and tipped some beads on... these letters were very experimental with things I'd wanted to try for a while, and mum loved them :D