Thursday, 14 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day 2019 with Tonic :D

Happy Valentine's Day!! A couple of Valentine's/Love themed cards for my Mum (one from me and one from my Dad) :D Using lots of the Hearts Content Die Collection from Tonic along with some of the Dream in Colour Nuvo Collection, and also an experiment with Alcohol Inks, Hand Sanitizer and Nuvo Shimmer Powder too :D :D :D My Mum loves getting my 'experimental' cards as she likes trying to figure out what I did lol so I thought I'd do a cool background using Hand Santizer and Copic Refills (just on 300gsm white card, no need for anything special), then I thought I wonder if the Shimmer Powders would react with the Hand Sanitizer, and they did :D I used the same colour of Copic (RV09) to colour some card to cut out my flowers, and I used the fab Mermaid Parade Pure Sheen Glitter as that matched the BG15 marker I had used perfectly :D

For the other card I was just having fun with the NEW Aqua Flows, Mica Mist and Mousse from the Dream in Colour Collection :D I also used one of the brand new stencils from Tonic too! I LOVE the detail in these stencils, absolutely stunning!! :D I probably should have waited longer for the backgrounds to dry before die-cutting, but I was too impatient lol, you probably noticed in the video I just added a piece of scrap paper on top of my background before cutting, this then stopped anything transferring to my plates :D On the second card I also used an Embossing Label Maker for the sentiment, I recently brought the MOTEX one that I've mentioned before as I wanted to try it, and I love that you can even emboss the hearts, and you can do emojis too, and you can even swap out the wheel for lower case letters too :D :D I got mine on ebay, I think it was about £13 and came with 4 rolls of black and one roll of pink tape too, so a really great bargain!! :D :D Hope you liked the cards! And hope you've had a lovely Valentine's Day!! :D :D :D

Main Tonic products used :D
Hearts Content - Diamond Cut Heart Box (UK)
Hearts Content - Intricate Floral Heart Bag (UK)
Hearts Content - Mixed Heart Layering Dies (UK)
Nuvo Shimmer Powder - Lilac Waterfall (USA)
Hand Sanitizer
Mermaid Parade Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter (USA)
Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Triple Berry (UK)
Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Triple Berry (USA)
Linking Rings Stencil (USA)
Nuvo Palette Knife (USA)
Nuvo Dream in Colour AquaFlow Pens (USA)
Copic Refills - RV09 & BG15
Craft Perfect Ruby Ritz Glitter Card (UK)
Craft Perfect Ruby Ritz Glitter Card (USA)
Simply White Nuvo Crystal Drops (UK)
Simply White Nuvo Crystal Drops (USA)
Ruby Slippers Nuvo Glitter Drops (UK)
Ruby Slippers Nuvo Glitter Drops (USA)

To see the process behind this pair of Valentine's Day cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Lots more photos below :D

My Essentials :D