Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween 2016 :D

My last Halloween card for this year, this is very similar to one of my previous cards 'Champagne Congrats' but as soon as I had made that card, I knew I just had to do a Halloween version :D I used the Spellbinders die set Pop, Fizz, Clink to create my apertures for the poison bottles, a Heidi Swapp die for the 'happy' and a Hampton Arts stamp set for the word 'Halloween' :D

To prepare my 'wells' for the Mixed Media Fantasy paints to sit in, first I cut the bottle three times from my main panel, then I put this aside to use later once all the paint has dried... I then used some smaller scraps of card to die cut 6 more apertures of the bottles, and I stuck these together so I had 3 stacks of 2 die-cuts :D I then covered a smaller piece of card in glue (this helps create more of a non-porous surface than just the card, and this just means you won't need to add quite so much Vitrail paint to get the cool moon effects, and it means it won't bleed through the card too much either!!) and then adhered all three of my apertures to this and let it dry... You can then have fun applying your paints! But remember if you do add all three Vitrail, Moon and Prisme together and mix them rather than keeping them separately the effects do sort of cancel each other out (well this is the experience I've had :D)All the colours of paint I used for this card are listed below the photo further down :D

To create a glass like look for these bottles, I did some mixing before adding the paint to the aperture, I mixed Parma Violet Vitrail, some Lightening Medium and also some Glitter Medium too to kind of give the illusion of bubbles :D I then added some Silver Moon on top, but for this card I decided not to add any Prisme to the bottles so I would get the full effect of the moon, which works perfectly for Halloween as it kinda looks a little like cob webs on the outside of the bottle :D Don't forget, with these paints you need to let them dry on a horizontal surface for at least 24 hours for the top surface to dry (this is the point that I then finished the card) and then leave for a further week (just to be on the safe side) so that the layers of paint properly cure :D To finish off the top of the bottles I also die-cut some self-adhesive cork using the same bottle die as I did for the apertures, then I added my sentiment where I had also applied some of the Onyx Prisme to the word 'Happy' :D Hope you like the card, I'm really pleased with it because it came out exactly as I had imagined in my head :D :D :D 

To see the process behind this spooky Halloween card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

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The Pebeo paints I used on this card from left to right: Vitrail Glitter Medium, Vitrail Lightening Medium, Vitrail Parma Violet, Moon Silver and Prisme Onyx :D

Plenty more photos below :D