Saturday, 15 October 2016

Congratulations on Your Engagement Hearts :D

Another engagement themed card today, this time using the Pebeo fantasy paints with the Creative Dies Heart Circle dies and the Fuzzy Lemon Fingers and Toes die set :D The Pebeo Fantasy paints which I have used in this card are listed further down below the photo :D

For this card, I used a mixture of all three Pebeo paints, the Vitrail, the Moon and the Prisme, and I have found when working with all three together, if you mix them all within one another they tend to cancel each other out a bit (I also found this with the 'Champagne Congrats' card that will be up in the next week) however it does give a cool effect but its more under the surface if that makes sense... I did manipulate the paints in the big heart on this card quite a few times, I had left it drying on my table and every time I walked past, more of the colours has sunken underneath the vitrail, so I kept trying to bring them back to the surface, however I wasn't very successful, but I do really love the effect :D I also like that because I used the Eggshell white Prisme by itself in the area around the main circle you can really see the formation of the honeycomb effect!! I can't wait to get round to using these on photo frames (which was my main reason for getting them lol) I ended up using them on cards to begin with because I thought its all very well buying them for a home decor project or to up-cycle something, but what if you have a small amount left in the bottle? I wanted to experiment so that I had plenty of uses for them :D And I'm sooo pleased I went ahead a bought them, it was also partly down to Joggles demonstrating them on her YouTube channel too lol :D

To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D 

If you're interested in seeing more cards using these Pebeo paints, you can always watch my Playlist which features all the cards I've made using them so far :D :D :D

These are the Pebeo Paints which I used to create this card :D 

From left to right: Vitrail Glitter Medium, Vitrail Lightening Medium, Vitrail Crimson, Moon Carmine, Prisme Apricot, Prisme English Red, Prisme Eggshell White :D

Plenty more photos below :D