Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pebeo Fantasy Paints Cascading Butterflies :D

FYI - This is a duplicate of my ArTi PoTeNTiAl Blog Post :D 

For a change I thought I'd post a card making video today, as it's using the gorgeous Pebeo Fantasy Paints which are quite Mixed Media :D I will also be posting the same video on my CRaFTi Channel (as it's card making) so sorry if you subscribe to both :D I've tried to list all the products I've used below, and I've linked the paints at both a UK and US stockist too :D :D :D I've done quite a few cards using these gorgeous paints! And I love that if you get them from Hobbycraft at the moment, not only are they HALF PRICE!!! You can also get them in smaller bottles, so you get more colours for your money! And if you're using them in this way, these are gunna last you ages because you only need tiny amounts applied with a cocktail stick :D

So my basic process for these kinds of cards, is to die-cut multiples of the shapes I'm using a stack them together using PVA glue, I then use some glue to paint over the surface to create more of a non-porous surface, this just prevents the paints from seeping through the card quite so much, it's not particularly a problem, you'd just have to make sure you put something underneath your work to catch the seeping so you don't ruin your surface :D So I just find adding a layer of glue to seal the card first works great :D I like to add little amounts of lots of the different colours and types of paints, and I recommend watching the two Joggles videos I've embedded below, as these are what inspired me to buy these paints, then I just adapted Barbara's teachings into my card making to make them suit my style :D Hope you like the video :D :D :D There should be more videos using these paints again now too, because the weather is getting warmer, so I can open my window when working with them, these paints are oil based so they have a relatively strong odour, it is bearable, but if you're using them for a whole day, I reckon you'd have quite a headache by the end of the day lol :D :D :D

Links to products used:
Sue Wilson Cascading Butterflies Die
White Card
Cosmic Shimmer Glue
Avery Elle Merriest Stamp Set
VersaFine Onyx Black Ink Pad
Tonic Studios Nuvo Crystal Drops - Midnight Blue
Spellbinders Platinum Die-Cutting Machine 

Pebeo paints at Hobbycraft (UK):
Vitrail Glitter Medium
Prisme - Moonstone and Caribbean Blue
Vitrail - Deep Blue
Moon - Metal Blue, Silver and Turquoise

Pebeo paints at Joggles (US):
Vitrail Glitter Medium
Prisme - Moonstone and Caribbean Blue
Vitrail - Deep Blue
Moon - Metal Blue, Silver and Turquoise

To see the process behind this ArTi card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Here's my Pebeo Fantasy Paints Playlist over on my CRaFTi channel, showing you other cards I've used them on :D

Before embarking on your journey using Pebeo Fantasy paints, I highly recommend watching these two videos below :D I have literally watched them 10 times each!! I love the way Barbara explains things she's a fantastic teacher!! She also inspired me to start Art Journalling :D

Alchemy and Magic with Pebeo Paints

3D Alchemy with Pebeo Paints

Tonnes more photos below :D

Pebeo Paints used from left to right:  Vitrail Glitter Medium, Moonstone Prisme, Deep Blue Vitrail, Metal Blue Moon, Silver Moon, Turquoise Moon and Caribbean Blue Prisme : D

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  1. Gorgeous card-I love butterfly's & my favourite colour is blue so this is just perfect.



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