Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mini Book Album

A mini book I made for two of my friends Bet and Jez as a birthday present. I used the Happy Days range and it fits wallet and contact size photos. It was made using photo box dividers :D 
I’d brought a pretty box (which was designed to store photos in) and there were some card dividers inside, which I wasn’t going to use, and didn’t want them to go to waste. So I made them into a mini book, by cutting some into shapes (like the arrow page) and covering them all with papers to give a base layer to work onto. I then pierced holes in the edge of each one (two on one side of each) and fastened them together with string, and I then used another piece of paper and stuck one edge to the front of the book, curved it round the spine where all the pages were fastened and stuck it to the back page. I then decorated it by adding in secret pockets to house hidden journal tags and providing mats for wallet and contact size photos to be placed on top of. I also made a few other embellishments like butterfly’s and a dress with stitching on the lacing on the bodis and I used a few of the notecards as journal pannels and a bottle cap as the fastening on the front. And the font on the front is from the Christmas Boofle Stampers set :D I really enjoyed making this, and I could tell that Bet loved it as her 20th Birthday prezzie :D