Sunday, 16 May 2021

Pearl & Crystal Tints with Sue Wilson's Floral Panel Dies :D


If you've been watching my channel for a long time, you might think the swirly look on these cards is a little familiar? Well years ago I did quite a few videos using some Pebeo Fantasy paints, and when you put the Moon and Prisme paints on top of the Vitrail they gave a really cool effect AND I discovered that if you put the NEW Pearl Tints on top of the original Crystal Tints from Cosmic Shimmer you can get a similar effect! And the great thing is they're water based not oil based like the Pebeo paints, and therefore they don't take days to dry, a few hours or overnight will be perfect :D 

I also just had to pair this cool effect with Sue's May release, these floral panels are just stunning and the Bold Words are just fabulous too (no pun intended lol :D) So I hope you enjoyed this technique for using your Pearl and Crystal Tints from Cosmic Shimmer :D xxx

Main products used :D

To see the process behind this pair of cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Lots more photos below :D