Friday, 11 December 2020

Disclaimer :D

Disclaimer and Disclosure :D

This used to be at the bottom of my blog, but I've decided to make it a blog post so I can link to it from other places more easily :D

Full disclosure, I am on the UK Design Teams for Tonic Studios and Creative Expressions, and I'm also now a Content Creator for Tonic Studios too :D A lot, but not all of the Tonic Studios and Creative Expressions products I own were gifted to me over a period of years, and I use these products to make samples for the UK shopping channels, for Online launches, for Magazine Commissions and also for Video content on my CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D YouTube channel too :D I also do the occasional Magazine Commission for 4 UK Papercrafting Magazines... Papercraft Essentials, Creative Stamping, Die-Cutting Essentials and Simply Cards and Papercraft :D And as part of the Design Team, I usually do features for the Tonic Studios magazine too :D I do also occasionally receive free products from a few other companies including Arteza, Simon Says Stamp, Polkadoodles and too.

As well as being gifted products that I use for Design Team purposes and to create YouTube videos, I am also now financially compensated by Tonic Studios for making my monthly Tonic talking videos (Tonic Craft Kit, Designer's Choice, Tonic Showcase, Stamp Club and occasionally a tool launch too), however I was making these videos before I was financially compensated to do so, and I make them in the exact same way that I always have, as a way for you to have an Up Close look at the products and to give you ideas and inspiration ready for when you get your products to play with :D These videos will have the Paid Promotion notification on them :D The only other companies that ask me to make videos with what they send me are Creative Expressions and Arteza but they do not pay me to do so, and they do not specify how I make my videos or what I do in them either, they just send me products and want a video or two in return :D

I'm also lucky enough to be part of a few different affiliate programs including Tonic Studios UK, Tonic Studios USA, CraftStash, Spellbinders, Joggles,, Simon Says Stamp, Polkadoodles, Arteza UK, Arteza USA, Create & Craft and The SAA (Supporting All Artists). Being on these programs allows me to link directly to the products that I've used in my videos to their websites (provided they stock them) :D And if you purchase any items using any of my affiliate links you will be supporting me and this is at NO extra cost to yourself, the specific links just allow the companies to know how many people have purchased an order after visiting my blog or YouTube channel, and I'll get a small commission based on how much you spent in your order :D I really do appreciate you using my links to purchase any products as every penny helps and I can put it towards making more videos for you and for giveaways too :D 


To make product lists containing Affiliate links easier and quicker for me to create I now pay for LinkDeli which allows me to link to products that I use in my videos making a written list for YouTube and a picture list for my blog posts which help you identify which products you're after more easily. This company collects data and cookies in order to perform the service. You can see their privacy policy here -

The fact that some companies supply me with a lot of the products I use has no bearing over my opinion of the products, ALL of the companies that I receive products from (and have used publicly) are fantastic companies that produce top quality products, and I wouldn't recommend a product if I hadn't already tried it and loved the quality :D I am also not asked to make videos with the products that I am sent (excluding Tonic Studios, Arteza and Creative Expressions) and so I receive no financial compensation for doing so, I just love making videos and want to show you cool ways of using the products :D The only company that I work with that gives financial compensation is Tonic Studios. I do also purchase a lot of products myself to use in my videos as well, including purchasing from companies that do also very kindly send me products :D And any opinions expressed on this blog, on my social media pages and on my YouTube channel whether in the description or in talking videos are all my own and will always be honest :D 

Thank you so much for supporting me on my crafty journey!! :D Christine xxx