Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Sorting Hat Using Tonic Dies :D


I couldn't help making the hat from the Witchy Bits Trio Tonic die set into the sorting hat, it just had to be done :D When I started colouring the first one I was like, what have I let myself in for, this looks terrible, no one's going to know it's the sorting hat, but after building up the depth of colour and adding in the cross-hatching using a black pen, I think you can tell it's a version of the sorting hat :D :D And obviously I had to do one for each house, so I then had to replicate the process lol, the Gryffindor one is my favourite (probably because it was the first one I did) but I don't think the others turned out too badly either :D Hope you liked this different take on the die set :D :D :D

Main Tonic products used :D
Rococo Witchy Bits Trio Die Set
Nuvo Creative Pens - Supreme Metallics, Browns, Blue, Greys, Green and Red
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
Funky Tape Runner
Tonic Glass Cutting Mat

Other products used:
Lawn Fawn Smitty's ABC's Stamp Set
Star Sequins
White Card

To see the process behind this quartet of Harry Potter inspired cards, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Tonnes more photos below :D

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